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Test and Keep a Samsung 8K Ultra HD Smart 65” HDR QLED TV with 8K AI Upscaling
Samsung has released a smart television so advanced that it will leave you breathless with its gorgeous minimalistic design, exceptional contrast and an outstanding picture quality. Testers Keepers has one of these Samsung QE65Q900 televisions waiting for a reviewer. The Samsung 65” 8K TV intelligently upscales all your entertainment resulting in an image, not pixels. Colours, textures and skin tones are all enriched. The TV is supported by a dedicated quantum processor, this results in the up scaling engine having the power to rapidly compare images from a special image bank, analyse each frame and to recreate all the details at a much higher resolution for incredible depth and clarity. With the Samsung Ambient Mode, your TV is no longer the focal point of the room when switched off. You can choose from decorative content, your own photos, or even let the TV mimic the texture of the wall behind it. The Samsung TV can also play light background music if you like. The Samsung Smart Hub has all your favourite streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, NOW TV, along with catch-up services from all the main channels. The Samsung 65” 8K TV comes with a premium One remote control which allows you to multitask with simplicity. Change channels on your set-top box, play the latest blockbuster on your Blu-Ray player, ramp up the volume on your Sound bar, or simply surf the Internet on the big screen. The remote control also includes voice assistant. Enter now for a chance to review a Samsung 65” 8K TV which retails at £3,799. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st October 2020.
Review a Philips Prestige Shaver
Testers Keepers is looking for a reviewer who would like to put a Philips Prestige shaver through the everyday test. The Philips Prestige shaver is designed for a man who seeks the ultimate close shave, without forgetting the ultimate comfort. The ContourDetect heads on the Prestige follow every edge of your face, catching even the most difficult of hairs. The SkinComfort rings protect the NanoTech blades and include an anti-friction coating giving you an enhanced shaving experience. The Prestige shaves off even a dense seven day beard effortlessly. The shaver uses a BeardAdapt sensor which checks the hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaver when needed. The shaver comes with three personal settings to choose from; it can be used for wet or dry shaving, with gel or foam, and is charged using an innovative wireless Qi charging pad which is compatible with all Qi-compliant devices. The Philips Prestige comes with everything you need for a comfortable shave. Maintain your moustache or trim your sideburns with the click-on trimmer! Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Philips Prestige shaver. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 30th October 2020. Review checklist:  • Philips Prestige Shaver  • Honest review of around 300 words  • Free product testing opportunity What's in it for me? We will send you a Philips Prestige shaver and all we expect in return is some words about the product and its functionalities.
Review a Nintendo Switch Bundle
Nintendo Switch brings home console gaming anywhere, enabling the experience even without access to a TV. Testers Keepers has an opportunity for one gaming enthusiast to review a Nintendo Switch bundle which includes Mario Kart 8 deluxe pack! With three different game modes such as TV, tabletop and handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming system. You can link up to eight consoles for multiplayer experience, or sign up to the online subscription service and play with friends and other players around the world. The Switch has a controller on each side of the console and multiple ways to use them! For a traditional controller just detach the Joy-Con controllers from the console and join them to the Joy-Con grip. For two individual controllers just use them without the grip, which will then let another user to play along. The included Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a racing game with several twists that will keep you entertained for hours. You can race every character on every track from the Wii U version to totally new courses and battles. Players can now also choose the new Smart Steering feature which makes driving and staying on track easy for novice players and children. Enter now for a chance to test and keep a Nintendo Switch bundle. This Testers Keepers opportunity closes 31st October 2020. Review checklist:  • Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pack  • Honest review of around 300 words  • Free test and keep opportunity What's in it for me? We will send you a Nintendo Switch bundle and all we expect in return is some honest words about the product.

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